Bajaj Pulsar 400's First Teaser Reveals a Sportier Look

Bajaj Pulsar 400's First Teaser Reveals a Sportier Look

The anticipation is building as Bajaj gets set to introduce the all-new Pulsar 400, poised to become the most significant addition to the Pulsar lineup yet. Scheduled for a grand unveiling on May 3, 2024, this bike promises to cater to both city rides and highway adventures, combining high performance with affordability.

Key Highlights of Bajaj Pulsar 400

Design and Build

The Pulsar 400 is expected to make a bold statement with a design that evolves from the Pulsar NS200’s successful perimeter chassis. A recent teaser suggests significant design updates including a redesigned rear tyre hugger to accommodate a larger rear tyre, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

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Bajaj Pulsar 400


Under the hood, the Pulsar 400 will sport a 373cc single-cylinder engine borrowed from the Dominar 400. This engine, also shared with the KTM 390 series, is tweaked to produce 40 PS and 35 Nm of torque in the Dominar. It's paired with a 6-speed gearbox enhanced by a slip and assist clutch, with a potential quickshifter being an optional upgrade.

Performance Features

The bike is expected to feature high-end hardware including USD front forks and a monoshock rear suspension system, ensuring robust handling and comfort. Braking will be managed by disc brakes at both ends, supported by dual-channel ABS to ensure safety across all riding conditions.

Technology and Comfort

Riders can look forward to a fully digital instrument console equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, facilitating seamless smartphone integration. This setup is likely to offer turn-by-turn navigation and other connected features, enhancing the riding experience.

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Lighting and Exhaust

The Pulsar 400 will likely include all-LED lighting to ensure visibility and aesthetic appeal, along with an underbelly exhaust that contributes to a sleek, sporty profile.

Pricing and Market Position

While the Pulsar 400 is set to be an affordable option in the 400cc category, with initial pricing potentially under INR 2 lakh as a limited launch offer, the expected regular price range might hover around Rs 2 lakh  to Rs 2.10 lakh. This strategic pricing is designed to make the Pulsar 400 a compelling option against competitors like the Dominar 400, which is currently priced from Rs 2.31 lakh.

Historical Context and Expectations

Interestingly, when Bajaj initially ventured into the 400cc category, it opted to introduce a new brand, the Dominar, distancing from the Pulsar label which was then synonymous with lower capacity motorcycles. Despite high expectations, the Dominar hasn't dominated the segment as anticipated. The launch of the Pulsar 400 marks a significant strategic shift, potentially renewing Bajaj’s presence in the sub-500cc segment and leveraging the enduring popularity of the Pulsar brand.

With the unveiling just around the corner, the Pulsar 400 is set to be a pivotal model for Bajaj, aiming to attract a broad spectrum of motorcycle enthusiasts with its blend of performance, technology, and affordability.