Ather Rizta Teaser Reveals Innovative Underseat Storage

Ather Rizta Teaser Reveals Innovative Underseat Storage

When the launch date of April 6, 2024, approaches, more people are becoming excited about Ather Energy's next family scooter, the Ather Rizta. By releasing a new teaser image that displays the scooter's underseat storage area, the EV manufacturer is now raising the expectation.

Spacious Storage Design

Ather Rizta Teaser Reveals Innovative Underseat Storage - close up
Ather Rizta Underseat Storage

As we can see, the storage space in the upcoming Rizta is more decent and much larger than that of the Ather 450X. We think it is big enough for two half-face helmets and some knick-knacks. Also spotted in the video is a boot light in the under-seat storage space and a small secondary storage space alongside the regular one where you’ll probably be able to store your phone or any other small-sized item.

Design and Features

The scooter's boxy, family-friendly form is complemented by a large single-piece grab rail on the remainder of the vehicle. The rear wheel receives a cover with drum brakes, and the swingarm has a box-like appearance. Speaking of wheels, the Rizta appears to use 12-inch setups on both ends, wrapped in MRF Zapper-N tires.

Ather Rizta Teaser Reveals Innovative Underseat Storage - close-up
Ather Rizta Rear 3-Quarter View

Additional Teasers and Features

In addition, Ather Energy just released a few additional teasers for the family scooter. The EV manufacturer verified that the scooter will have SMS alerts and a "skid" prevention feature, which we believe to be single-channel ABS.

Price and Competition

Ather Rizta pre-booking is already available for a small cost of Rs 999. The Ather Rizta is expected to get a 2.9kWh capacity battery pack, 115km claimed range, and 5.4kW peak power output motor as that of the Ather 450S. When launched in a few days, it is expected to get a price tag of about Rs 1.3 lakh (ex-showroom) and it will rival the TVS iQube, Hero Vida V1 Pro, Ola S1 Air, and Bajaj Chetak.