Aprilla Tuono 457 Rumored Under Development

Aprilla Tuono 457 Rumored Under Development

??In a recent turn of events, Aprilia has hinted at the potential development of a naked street model derived from its recently launched RS 457 sportbike. If the trend continues, this anticipated model could possibly be named the Tuono 457. Let's delve into the details of this exciting possibility.

Aprilia's Middleweight Ambitions

Following the successful launch of the RS 457 sportbike at India Bike Week 2023, Aprilia seems poised to further strengthen its presence in the middleweight motorcycle segment. The company has a history of leveraging new platforms to introduce derivative models, as evidenced by the relationship between the RSV4 superbike and the Tuono V4 supernaked. The RS 660 sportbike has also spawned the Tuono 660 street naked and the Tuareg 660 adventure bike.

A Teasing Exchange with Design Director

During a recent conversation with Marco Lambri, the design director at Piaggio (Aprilia's parent company), the possibility of a Tuono 457 was brought up. Responding with a wry smile, Lambri intriguingly stated, "Why not? Why not." While not a definitive confirmation, Lambri's response keeps the door open for the potential development of the Tuono 457.

Cost-Effective Strategy

Manufacturers often use a single platform to develop multiple models, a strategy that optimizes development costs and enhances commercial viability. If Aprilia indeed moves forward with the Tuono 457, it could provide a more accessible entry point into the company's motorcycle lineup, especially considering the slightly higher-than-expected launch price of the RS 457.

Anticipated Features

If the Tuono 457 becomes a reality, it is expected to feature more upright ergonomics compared to the RS 457. This could include a flatter handlebar and reduced bodywork. The 457cc parallel-twin engine, a key component of the RS 457, is likely to be retained with minimal changes, aiming for a power output around 50hp.

Potential Production in India

Following Aprilia's manufacturing trends, the Tuono 457 would probably be built alongside the RS 457 at the company's Baramati plant in India. This dual production strategy aligns with Aprilia's approach in making its motorcycles more accessible to a broader market.

While the Tuono 457 is not officially confirmed, the subtle hint from Marco Lambri and Aprilia's history of introducing derivative models keep the anticipation alive. Motorcycle enthusiasts are eager to see if Aprilia transforms this possibility into a reality, offering riders an enticing street naked option in the middleweight segment.