Ampere NXG Electric Scooter: Testing and Impending Launch

Ampere NXG Electric Scooter: Testing and Impending Launch


Ampere Vehicles, a prominent player in the electric scooter market, has been generating buzz with its upcoming model, the Ampere NXG. Initially showcased as a concept at Auto Expo 2023, recent sightings during testing suggest that the scooter is now in the advanced stages of production, hinting at a potential market release in the near future.

Premium Positioning in Ampere's E-Scooter Line-up

The Ampere NXG is part of a strategic duo, sharing the same platform with another model, and is specifically targeted at private buyers. Designed to be the premium offering in Ampere's diverse lineup, it holds a coveted position above the recently introduced Primus model.

Distinctive Styling and Advanced Features

While the scooter lacks visible branding, its styling unmistakably aligns with the production-spec Ampere NXG e-scooter showcased at a previous Auto Expo. Noteworthy design elements include seamlessly integrated footpegs, comprehensive LED lighting, and the introduction of a front disc brake—an innovative addition for Ampere.

Innovative Display and Ergonomic Design

The Ampere NXG boasts a large digital display covering a significant portion of the handlebar area, contributing to the scooter's modern aesthetic. While the exact nature of the display—whether it is an LCD or TFT unit—remains unclear, its presence adds a tech-savvy touch to the scooter. Initial impressions of the scooter's design suggest a spacious layout, with a single-piece seat curving slightly upwards towards the pillion's space. The inclusion of a substantial grab handle for the passenger enhances the overall practicality and user experience.

Performance Metrics and Battery Technology

During its showcase at the Auto Expo, Ampere made bold claims about the NXG's performance, stating a remarkable range of 120km on a single charge. However, the specific details surrounding the battery capacity and whether this range is a certified metric or a manufacturer's optimistic claim remain undisclosed. Additionally, there is anticipation regarding the choice of battery technology for the NXG—whether it will utilize a lithium-ion battery or opt for a lithium ferrous phosphate (LFP) battery, similar to the Primus. The latter, known for its safer thermal characteristics, does come with a trade-off of slightly lower energy density compared to the more prevalent NMC batteries.

Expected Pricing Dynamics

Considering the current retail price of the Primus stands at Rs 1,46,355 (ex-showroom, Delhi), prospective buyers can anticipate the Ampere NXG to be positioned at a higher price point. This increase in cost is attributed to the incorporation of advanced features and cutting-edge equipment that elevate the NXG to a premium status within Ampere's portfolio.

As the testing phase progresses, more intricate details about the Ampere NXG e-scooter are expected to surface, offering consumers a comprehensive understanding of what to expect upon its official launch. The evolving landscape of electric mobility, coupled with the innovative features of the Ampere NXG, adds an element of anticipation for enthusiasts and potential buyers alike.