All-New Rs 1 Lakh Ather Electric Scooter Is Coming To India

All-New Rs 1 Lakh Ather Electric Scooter Is Coming To India

Ather Energy is actively working on a more affordable electric scooter in addition to expanding its presence to other cities across the country. It is also being said that the Bengaluru-based company may sell the upcoming scooter for around Rs. 1 lakh, which will be comparable to typical 125cc petrol-powered automated scooters.

At the moment, Ather sells two models in India: the 450 Plus for Rs 1,18,000 and the 450X for Rs 1,38,000 (both prices ex-showroom), putting them among the most expensive options in the entire scooter market.

Arther’s Chief Business Officer, Ravneet Phokela confirmed in a recent interview that a third product based on the Ather 450 platform is already in the works and is expected to be released in the first quarter of FY2023. They are already working on a product that will be less expensive than the 450 Plus; it will enter the same price range as the others (e.g. Ola and Simple).

Moreover, the design or mechanism details have not been revealed by the company yet. However, Ather Energy did file a patent for a new scooter design, which might be the one that will be released. 

In addition to that, Mr Phokela stated, if higher specs meant greater sales, the TVS NTorq would win out over the Honda Activa, but the sales figures paint a different picture. He went on to say that consumers buy into a brand's broader concept and what it stands for, which extends beyond its specifications.

Model specifications are essential because they establish a fundamental threshold but it is about how total specs fit together, how relevant they are to customers, the experience they get, the ride quality, and so on. Hence, instead of focusing on lowering the prices of its existing items, the brand is focusing on offering new products at more competitive rates.