Custom-Made Hero Karizma Street Fighter by Aghori Customs

Custom-Made Hero Karizma Street Fighter by Aghori Customs

The first ever product of Aghori Customs, this motorcycle was once a Hero Honda Karizma and then slowly transformed into this dark themed street fighter. Karizma was first dismantled to its core, striping off the thicker body panels to achieve a lean look. The motorcycle is now finished in Grey and uses minimum body panels at all places. They have removed the front and rear fender to flaunt its thicker custom tyres on stock Karizma wheels. [caption id="attachment_12807" align="aligncenter" width="631"]Hero Karizma Street Fighter Custom-Made Hero Karizma Street Fighter by Aghori Customs[/caption] The front headlight on the Karizma is replaced with a smaller round headlight while a street style handlebar is used to create an aggressive riding position on the motorcycle. The exposed air filter and custom Black exhaust would further help the motorcycle flaunt its improved performance. Aghori Customs have used a different fuel tank and improved its overall looks by adding Black dual racing stripes on the top of its fuel tank. Hero-Karizma-Street-Fighter-5 Two perfectly made panels cover the space under the motorcycle's seat. They have chopped the rear frame in order to get an attractive single seat machine out of the touring friendly Karizma. The front disc brake is kept at its place to get better braking on the motorcycle. Their first custom motorcycle is definitely lighter than the stock Karizma. It currently misses out on the instrument console and gets its number plate console on the left footrest. For further inquiries and pricing details you can contact:

Aghori Customs (Punjab)

  • Contact Person: Honey Swani
  • Address: Old Post Office Road, New Dana Mandi, Phagwara, Pin-144401, Punjab, India
  • Phone Number: +91 98885 89789
  • Email: [email protected]

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