Comparison - KTM 390 Duke vs Honda CBR250R ABS

Comparison - KTM 390 Duke vs Honda CBR250R ABS

The comparison may sound odd as one is a naked, extremely quick motorcycle while the other one justifies its practicality among most of the riding styles. The only factor which bounds them together is the price at which they are available in India. Yes, the KTM 390 Duke comes at INR 1,95,000 while the Honda's CBR250R with ABS is nothing less at INR 1,90,000. The price gap of INR 5,000 makes them the closest possible rivals around INR 2 lakh. 


We could have even considered the RC 390 for this comparison but its track only nature and INR 24,000 gap does not make sense for buyers who are strictly under a budget. However, the 390 Duke is also known for its versatile nature and may find a lot of good points when compared with the CBR250R ABS. Even these two are the only ABS equipped options under INR 2 lakh after TVS Apache RTR 180 (Pulsar RS200 offers single channel only). 


Comparison - KTM 390 Duke vs Honda CBR250R ABS # Design Both the motorcycles have been designed with a different mindset from each other. The KTM 390 Duke was made with the intention to use the least amount of body panels and being more eye-catchy in its overall design. The CBR250R is based on the larger VFR 1200, making it look gentle and sporty, carrying full body panels and larger fairing for more rider comfort. CBR offers more shades while KTM offers Orange painted frame and wheels. # Performance KTM 390 Duke benefits from its bigger 373.2 cc engine producing 43 BHP and 35 Nm of torque. It weighs just 154 kg and claims a top speed of 169 kmph. On the other hand, the CBR250R uses a 249.6 cc engine producing 26.15 BHP and 22.9 Nm of torque. It claims a 145 kmph of top speed while weighs 166 kg. This makes the 390 Duke good for 5.6 second, 0-100 kmph sprint while the CBR250R is left out with a 0-100 kmph sprint time of 8.9 seconds. The engine on the 390 Duke is always ready to run while CBR250R performs maturely and offers power at a lower stage than the Duke. # Fuel Efficiency Honda CBR250R comes with better fuel efficiency figure of around 30-35 kmpl while the 390 Duke on the same driving standards returns around 25-30 kmpl. The engine on the CBR is considerably smaller in size and even the faired design of the motorcycle helps in saving fuel with lesser drag on higher speeds on the highway. The bigger fuel tank (13 liters) on the CBR20R makes it easy on refills when compared to the 390 Duke, which comes with a fuel tank of 11 litres. # Premium Components Honda CBR250R is a tough built motorcycle but still, it does not use the same premium components as the rival 390 Duke. KTM offers USD front forks, better and lighter frame, Metzeler tyres and even more advanced fully digital instrument console while on the other hand, CBR uses conventional forks and MRF tyres on the motorcycle. # Seat Height The Honda CBR250R comes with a much lower 780 mm of seat height when compared to the 800 mm of seat height for 390 Duke. It offers easy riding to even shorter riders and even provides a much relaxed pillion seat than the KTM 390 Duke. The rider on the 390 Duke sits straight while a slightly sporty position can be expected from the CBR250R. # Ride Quality & Value for Money Both these bikes offer the best quality riding experience in India while some points push each of them back from another. If considering from the value of money point of view, the 390 Duke offers much more than CBR250R ABS. On the other hand, if non-ABS CBR250R and 200 Duke are considered, the higher priced CBR250R would definitely win with all the points ticked in its favor. # Verdict KTM 390 Duke is actually miles ahead when it comes to its overall performance and practicality. Unlike the huge CBR250R, it can run past heavy traffic with ease and even stand first from most of the red lights around the city. Most of the riders would go for a 390 Duke unless someone is a strong Honda fan and dreams about the beautifully balanced CBR250R all day long. CBR is still the 1st choice among a lot of buyers who want a comfortable and practical sports tourer


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