A Detailed Look at the 2025 Renault Kwid Compared to Its Earlier Version

A Detailed Look at the 2025 Renault Kwid Compared to Its Earlier Version

Renault is preparing to launch the next-generation Kwid combined with an all-electric variant to reshape its position in the Indian auto industry. This action follows Dacia's global debut of the Spring EV a low-cost all-electric hatchback that acts as an early model for the future Renault Kwid. Let's examine an in-depth comparison between the upcoming 2025 Kwid and the existing model that is offered in India in light of these advancements.

Design Evolution

The transition from the current Kwid to the 2025 model is characterized by a significant design overhaul. A change from the bulky design of its predecessor is the new Kwid's fresh and simplified front grille. The Y-shaped DRL signature which contributes significantly to the new design and provides the hatchback with a more modern overall appearance, is an important characteristic. 

A Detailed Look at the 2025 Renault Kwid Compared to Its Earlier Version - photo
Renault Kwid 

The side profile of the next-gen Kwid retains a familiar outline but introduces new 15-inch steel wheels and a slightly modified side body cladding. However, the roof rails, a prominent feature of the current Kwid, are notably absent in the new-gen model, signaling a shift towards a more streamlined design.

At the rear, the 2025 Kwid presents a significant update with a Y-shaped taillight signature, moving away from the simplistic oval-shaped taillight design of the current model. This fresh design is further accentuated by a chunky plastic trim adorned with the 'Dacia' logo, adding a touch of modernity to the vehicle's rear profile.

Interior Makeover

The interior of the 2025 Kwid undergoes a complete transformation, adopting a more modern design language. The large and bulky dashboard of the current Kwid is replaced by a more minimalist dashboard, featuring a sleeker AC and a new infotainment system that enhances the cabin's contemporary appeal. New updates for essential features and the continuous use of physical air conditioning controls provide the updated cabin modern and comfortable atmosphere.

Feature Upgrades

The next-gen Kwid is set to impress with an array of upgraded features, including a larger 10-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto compatibility. It offers a pleasant and technologically advanced driving experience with its 7-inch digital driver's display, Type-C charging connections, connected car technologies, and automated critical control. Additionally, features such as power windows, steering-mounted controls, and a 12V power socket are carried over from the current model, ensuring continuity in terms of functionality.

A Detailed Look at the 2025 Renault Kwid Compared to Its Earlier Version - picture
 Renault Kwid

Safety features in the 2025 Kwid receive a significant boost, with the inclusion of multiple airbags, ABS with EBD, electronic stability control, a reverse camera with parking sensors, and select ADAS features such as lane keep assist and traffic sign recognition. Comparing these improvements to the present Kwid, which comes with only two airbags and a basic safety kit, should make driving safer and more secure. 

Powertrain Options

While the Dacia Spring (Kwid) is exclusively available as an all-electric version, the 2025 Kwid in India is expected to initially offer the current 68 PS/91 Nm 1-litre naturally aspirated engine, paired with either a 5-speed manual or AMT transmission. Renault is likely to introduce the Kwid EV equipped with the Spring EV's powertrain specifications providing a greener and more efficient alternative for Indian consumers. 

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Renault Kwid

Pricing and Launch Expectations

The next-gen Kwid is anticipated to make its debut in India around 2025, with an estimated starting price of around Rs 5 lakh (ex-showroom). It will continue to compete with the likes of the Maruti Suzuki S-Presso, while the Kwid EV will offer a new alternative to other EVs such as the Tata Tiago EV and Citroen eC3, expanding the choices available to eco-conscious buyers in the compact SUV segment.

In terms of features, design, and available powertrains, the 2025 Renault Kwid and its EV edition represent a significant advancement. Within the competitive compact SUV industry they are expected to provide consumers with a fresh and innovative option.

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2022-12-29 06:07:19 AM
Renault Kwid can be parked easily in tight spaces as it has a low turning radius and measures just around 3.6 meters. It has a nominal width and you can easily park the car the car in a 6 foot wide space and come out without knocking the door on the side object. It comes with a 799 cc engine producing 53.2 BHP and 72 Nm. The engine currently has an option of 5-speed manual gearbox only while the bigger 1,000 cc KWID would carry an AMT gearbox in the coming months.