8000cc Volvo Bus Generates 350 HP Power and 1350 NM Torque!

8000cc Volvo Bus Generates 350 HP Power and 1350 NM Torque!

Volvo recently launched its next-generation luxury bus, the Volvo 9600, after 20 years of success in India. Inside and out, this bus is designed to provide premium comfort and luxury. It will be built on the Volvo 9600 platform at the cutting-edge Hoskote plant, which has been producing fully-built Volvo premium buses since 2008.

It has distinctive V-shaped headlights, while the interior is luxuriously appointed with a theatre floor and spacious berths in the sleeper coach for maximum comfort. These are factory-built sleeper and seater coaches in lengths of 15m 6x2 and 13.5m 4x2 configurations. 

The distinctive personality of the new Volvo 9600 comes from a comfort coach and a neatly designed interior, which was built with a holistic design philosophy. The Volvo 9600's exterior provides uninterrupted flow with minimal turbulence, reduced noise, increased stability, and a fuel-saving reduction in air resistance.

In the driver's seat, the curved dashboard is clearly visible. The couch is 15 metres long and has 40 berths, with a passenger capacity of 55. The luggage space in the seater and sleeper applications is 15.1 cu.m and 9.2 cu.m, respectively. While the 13.5m coach seats can accommodate up to 47 passengers, the sleeper variant has 36 berths. The seater and sleeper variants have 13.6 cu.m. and 8.1 cu.m. of luggage space, respectively.

The Volvo 9600 is powered by a powerful and fuel-efficient Volvo D8K (8-litre) engine that produces 350 hp at 2200rpm and 1350 nm of torque between 1200 and 1600 rpm. The fuel-efficient engine is designed to reduce TCO while increasing uptime for bus operators. The Volvo 9600 has an I-Shift automated manual transmission, electronic braking system (EBS), hill-start assist, and Electronic Stability Program (ESP) systems.