6 Things Solo Bike Trips Can Teach You About Life - Must Check!

6 Things Solo Bike Trips Can Teach You About Life - Must Check!

You don’t just find life lessons in books alone, but in experiences too! They are in fact, far more compelling and stirring. One such experience that can teach you about life is going on a solo bike trip. Oh yes!

When out on a bike trip, you wish to enjoy the journey, more than the destination, even if the paths are unknown. Isn’t it the same with life too, where you want to make the most of the journey? Similarly, you can draw out many little lessons from your solo bike trip. All such lessons can then help you navigate your way through the complex yet exciting and eventful journey of life!

6 Things Solo Bike Trips Can Teach You About Life! (Image Source: Shutterstock)

6 Things Solo Bike Trips Can Teach You About Life!

1) Keep Moving Forward

Long roads, unknown paths, but you must go anyway! For that is what the journey is all about.

Just like when you ride on your bike and reach a point where you have no idea about which direction to head in, you don’t just stop there, but somehow continue the journey.

Similarly, while you may feel clueless about where life may be taking you at times, you should keep looking forward to each day with a fresh spirit. As you move forward, everything will start making sense, and you’ll find what you may be seeking.

2) Be Balanced

It’s not the balance that you maintain while in motion that we are talking about, because we’re sure that you must be pretty good at it. We mean balance in your approach. Yes, a solo trip that too on the road means you need to be prepared for certain challenges, like a flat tire on the go, sudden downpour or just losing your way. For all such situations, you are decisive, but also spontaneous.

So, when you lose your way, you sometimes choose to stop and ask someone, but other times you just trust your gut feeling and go ahead! In life too, seek advice and take help from near and dear ones, but ultimately follow what your heart says. It’s your journey after all.

3) Don’t Panic

Travelling solo means having to deal with everything alone. However, that’s not all bad. When faced with challenges on the road, you have no option but to manage it all single-handedly. Whether you patiently tackle the situation or panic makes all the difference. Moreover, when you successfully deal with everything, you feel triumphant. That instils confidence in you.

This gives you another empowering thought to ponder over You’re the best resource you have in life. Just don’t panic and enjoy everything that comes your way.

4) Take Breaks

No matter how great you feel while riding your bike, it’s important to take short breaks to give yourself some rest. To make your journey enjoyable, you may even stop to gorge on some street-side delicacies and sip some hot chai or coffee. Then when you start again, you feel energised and motivated for the journey ahead.

Learning from your travel breaks, make it a point to give yourself enough breaks to beat any kind of stress that may be troubling you. Take some ‘me’ time out each day to rejuvenate yourself. That will help you stay calm and happy in life.

5) Enjoy the Little Things Along the Way

You enjoy how the wind embraces you, and the changing landscapes offer you a visual treat, while you travel long distances. Right? You don’t just wait for the destination but enjoy the numerous little things that touch your heart and enliven your spirits, and that is how it should be.

Similarly, in life, instead of chasing or waiting for big things to make you happy, you should learn to enjoy the little pleasures of everyday life. Whether it’s about running into a long-lost friend or about baking your first ever cake, rejoice over little things.

6) Insure Against Uncertainties

Before starting, you ensure that your fuel tank is full, the bike tires are well inflated, right? This puts you in good stead. Similarly, an important thing to learn from this is that you must take good care of your health, because that is what will keep you going, every single day.

However, any journey, whether a road trip or that of life itself is full of uncertainties. A sudden accident, for instance, may damage your vehicle and cause you great loss. To cover yourself against such losses, buying bike insurance is a wise thing.

Bike insurance can be easily bought online these days. Having this two-wheeler insurance policy saves you the financial worries that come with such unexpected happenings. Not just the big losses are reimbursed, but add-ons like consumable covers that reimburse against engine oil, bolts etc. after an accident are also covered by reputable insurers like Tata AIG General Insurance Company.

Similarly, in life too, we must always have something that can cover us against the challenges that life throws at us- like a good set of close friends, adequate savings, insurance policies and an optimistic outlook.

So, ride on your bike, enjoy the beauty of the landscapes and reflect on life!