300cc-500cc Motorcycle Sales Oct 2023 – Classic 350, Triumph, Harley, KTM, Apache, Dominar

300cc-500cc Motorcycle Sales Oct 2023 – Classic 350, Triumph, Harley, KTM, Apache, Dominar

The major companies in the 300cc–500cc motorcycle market are Royal Enfield, Honda, KTM, and Kawasaki. The products that these major companies supply influence the market's competitive environment. With four of its models obtaining known positions in the top 5, the data from October 2023 demonstrates Royal Enfield's strength and the brand's stronghold in this market.  Known for its vintage cruiser-style motorcycles, Royal Enfield has always delivered strong 350cc performances. The flagship Classic 350 model, with its distinctive look and strong performance that appeals to riders, is still a best-seller.

Another well-known competitor is represented in this class by Honda. The brand's 300cc and 500cc models, which appeal to a range of riding tastes, prove its dedication to innovation and dependability.  Renowned for their athletic and powerful motorbikes, KTM offers a thrilling experience in this market niche. Enthusiasts looking for a thrilling ride will find models such as the KTM Duke and RC series appealing because of their innovative technology and dynamic design.


1.Going High

  • With 6.67% YoY Growth, Royal Enfield Leads the 300-500cc Motorcycle Sales Surge.
  • A catchy title that summarises the development and success of the 300–500cc motorcycle market.
  • First of all, An analysis of the 300–500cc motorcycle market's October 2023 sales is given.
  • Mention of models of note, including the Ninja ZX-10R, Z900, Super Meteor, and RE 650 Twins.

2. Crucial Sales Information

  • October 2023 saw 92,376 units sold overall in the 300–500cc class, representing a strong 6.67% YoY growth.
  • Compared to the October 2022 data, there was a notable 5,780 unit increase in volume.

3. Best in class

  • Showing Royal Enfield's supremacy, the RE Classic 350 topped the sales chart with 31,897 units sold and a healthy 34.53% market share.
  • Highlights of other popular models, such as the Bullet 350 and Hunter 350, along with their associated growth percentages.

4. Analysis of Individual Models

  • Details on each best-selling model's performance, including market shares and YoY increase percentages.
  • Pay close notice to changes that are remarkable, such as the Meteor 350's modest fall in popularity.

5. Market trends and new entrants

  • Launched in July 2023, the Triumph 400 made an instant impact on the market, selling 3,408 units and grabbing 3.19% of the market.
  • Mention of the Harley X440 as a recently released cruiser bike that is becoming successful and has a 2.70% market share.

6. Dynamics of the Market

  • Analysis of the YoY performance and market positions of several well-known models, like the Himalayan, Honda CB350, and Jawa Yezdi, with a focus on sales patterns.
  • Key findings summed up, highlighting the impact of new competitors and Royal Enfield's dominant position.  Concluding remarks regarding the general state and future growth possibilities of the 300–500cc motorcycle market.

In the quick world of motorcycles, October 2023 told the story of highs and lows for the 300–500cc class. In addition to an intriguing mix of unforeseen losses and success stories, the market revealed itself as devotees excitedly anticipated the sales data.  Topping the way in success were the KTM 390 and TVS Apache 310, which stole the show with incredible YoY growth rates of 27.76% and 186.61%, respectively. Their quick rise in popularity signalled shifts in consumer tastes as well as the market's appetite for performance. But not every competitor enjoyed the glories of victory. Sales of the Dominar 400 fell rapidly, falling 41.85% YoY, which was an important change from the upward trend observed the year before. The story of the 300–500cc market became more unpredictable as a result of this unforeseen decline.  This sector continued to be defined by its diversity, which included the Honda CB300, Kawasaki Ninja 300, Ninja 400, and RE Electra 350. Every one of these models added a unique touch to the highly competitive field, expanding the variety of choices accessible to motorcycle aficionados.

Turning our attention to the month-over-month (MoM) research, October 2023 saw a strong rise in sales of 10.86%, amounting to 92,376 units. This spike, which translates to a significant increase in volume of 9,047 units starting in September 2023, indicated that the 300–500cc motorbike market is resilient and flexible.  Analysing the details of MoM patterns for particular models provided more complex information. Three 350cc models from Royal Enfield—Classic, Hunter, and Meteor—showed good MoM growth, confirming the brand's dominance in the industry. The Bullet 350, on the other hand, saw an 18.45% MoM decline, highlighting how fleeting setbacks are in this volatile industry.

Specifically, the RE Electra saw a terrible decline, going from 804 units in September 2023 to a meagre 15 units in October 2023—a startling 98.13% MoM de-growth. This steep drop provided a timely reminder of the market's inherent instability for motorcycles.