2024 MG Comet: Top 3 Upgrades Unveiled

2024 MG Comet: Top 3 Upgrades Unveiled

MG Motor India has undertaken a significant overhaul of its Comet EV lineup which also includes updates for the MG ZS EV and this redesign entails rearranging the current models, adding new choices, and improving the compact electric vehicle's general features.

New Variant Names

Previously, the Comet EV was offered in three distinct variants. However, to cater to evolving consumer preferences and to streamline the nomenclature across its product range, MG has introduced two additional variants, both equipped with fast charging (FC) capabilities. The previous variant names, Pace, Play, and Plush, have been replaced by Executive, Excite, and Exclusive, respectively. Customers will perceive brand consistency and clarity as a result of the Comet EV lineup being realigned with the naming practices of other models in MG's portfolio.

2024 MG Comet: Top 3 Upgrades Unveiled - back
MG Comet EV Rear 3-Quarter View

Enhanced Fast Charging Capability

One of the significant upgrades to the Comet EV lineup is the inclusion of a 7.4 kW AC fast-charging option. This feature drastically reduces the charging time allowing users to replenish the battery to 80% capacity in approximately 2.5 hours. In contrast, utilizing the conventional 3.3 kW AC home charger extends the charging duration to five hours for the same level of charge. Notably, while the Comet EV now supports rapid AC charging, it remains incompatible with DC fast charging technology.

2024 MG Comet: Top 3 Upgrades Unveiled - photograph
MG Comet EV Interior

Revised Pricing Structure and Additional Costs

Despite the introduction of new variants and the incorporation of advanced features, the base prices for most models within the Comet EV lineup have been retained. However, there is a notable exception with the Exclusive trim, which now commands a higher price of Rs. 8.78 lakh compared to its previous cost of Rs. 8.58 lakh. Additionally, customers opting for the FC variants can expect to incur an additional expenditure of Rs. 35,800 over the standard pricing.
Here's a comprehensive breakdown of the updated pricing for the 2024 MG COMET EV lineup:

  • Executive: Rs. 6,98,800
  • Excite: Rs. 7,88,000
  • Excite FC: Rs. 8,23,800
  • Exclusive: Rs. 8,78,000
  • Exclusive FC: Rs. 9,13,800

Battery Specifications and Range

Powering the MG Comet EV is a single PMS motor coupled with a 17.3 kWh battery pack. This configuration enables the vehicle to deliver a peak power output of 41 bhp and a maximum torque of 110 Nm with power transmitted to the rear wheels via an automatic gearbox. While the claimed electric range stands at an impressive 230 km on a single charge, real-world testing yielded a slightly lower figure of 191 km, highlighting the practical performance of the vehicle under typical driving conditions.