2023 Japan auto show: Suzuki eWX EV unveiled with 230 km of range, looks like an electric WagonR

2023 Japan auto show: Suzuki eWX EV unveiled with 230 km of range, looks like an electric WagonR

Japan's Suzuki Motor Company is preparing to present a number of concept and production models at the Tokyo Motor Show 2023, which takes place from October 26 through November 5. Images of the next Swift, the eVX concept, a mini-commercial electric van, and the eWX, also known as the small wagon EV, have been leaked by the business.

The Suzuki eWX and EVX are two future EVs that are significant from India's point of view. The eWX may become the WagonR electric of the future. However, EVX, a small electric SUV, is scheduled to launch globally the following year. Maruti Suzuki EVX will compete against the likes of Tata Curvv, Seltos EV, and the soon-to-be Creta EV. 

Suzuki eWX electric mini wagon concept

Maruti Suzuki had intended to introduce the WagonR electrified sometime in 2020. But the proposal was shelved because of the epidemic and the ensuing problems with techno-commercial viability. However, given the industry's strong acceptance of electrification, Maruti is probably about to introduce its first EV to the Indian market. With its EVs, the corporation will also look into foreign markets.

 WagonR Electric may ultimately become the eWX electric small wagon. This is going to be on display during the Japan Mobility Show 2023. The event is slated for October 26, 2023, until November 5, 2023. The Suzuki eWX is going to be a Kei vehicle. It will measure 1,475 mm in width, 1,620 mm in height, and 3,395 mm in length. The Suzuki eWX has a 230 km range on a full charge. In the upcoming days, further technical details should become available. 

Like the current WagonR, the Suzuki eWX has a boxy shape to it. On the other hand, eWX is much cuter and smaller. It has a striking external color scheme with yellow highlights that contrast with the wheels, side cladding, windows, and front bumper. 

The e Every concept is one of the other Kei automobile vehicles that will be on display. Essentially, this is a small-scale, daily-use BEV. Suzuki, Toyota, and Daihatsu have collaborated to develop it. The Kei cars Spacia Concept and Spacia Custom Concept will also be making their premiere. These are also really adorable and made to add enjoyment and convenience to regular commutes. 

Maruti Suzuki EVX details

At the 2023 Auto Expo, Maruti made the EVX concept official. Numerous adjustments have been made since then. It will be on display at the event in its modified form. Suzuki's first global strategic electric vehicle, the EVX, is very significant. At 4,300 mm in length, 1,800 mm in width, and 1,600 mm in height, it will be. The 500-kilometer range is planned. With its electronically controlled 4x4 technology, it will have the ability to provide an exciting performance.

Additionally, Suzuki will be revealing the EVX's interiors at the event. Features like vertical AC vents, a rotary controller in the center console, a 2-spoke flat-bottom steering wheel, integrated infotainment and digital display, and more are anticipated to be included. It is anticipated that the Maruti Suzuki EVX will go on sale in India in 2025.