2021 Royal Enfield Classic 350 Recalled For Faulty Braking

2021 Royal Enfield Classic 350 Recalled For Faulty Braking

Royal Enfield has announced the recall of the 2021 Classic 350 owing to an issue with components related to the bike’s braking system. As per the announcement, the brand is going to recall 26,300 units. It is also being reported that the single-channel ABS and rear drum variants (Redditch series) that were produced between September 1st, 2021 and December 5th, 2021 are defective. 

The company has stated that its technical team found the potential issue in the brake reaction bracket linked to the Classic 350 motorcycle’s swinging arm. Reaction brackets used on single-channel ABS and rear drum brake versions could be damaged in particular riding situations where the high braking load is applied to the foot brake pedal. It is noteworthy that if the reaction bracket is destroyed, there will be an issue of unusual braking noise and a possible decline in braking efficiency in intense conditions. 

The Redditch series, which is offered in a paint scheme of Sage green and Grey, is equipped with a single saddle and wire-spoked wheels, is the only series among other ranges in Classic 350 to feature single-channel ABS. Royal Enfield said that the affected motorcycles’ brake reaction bracket will be intensified with this recall. 

The local dealerships and brand’s service teams will contact the owners of affected units. Buyers can also contact the company through its official website, or they can call on 1800 210 007, or they can visit local RE workshops to verify if their bikes were manufactured within the mentioned time period or not. At the earliest, the company intends to resolve the issue.