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About Lorinser

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Lorinser was started in Germany by an expert auto mechanic Erwin Lorinser. Because of his reputation, Daimler-Benz-AG took notice of him and awarded him an authorization to resell private and commercial vehicles. His company was also responsible for repair and service. Like Brabus, Lorinser is one of the authorized companies to tune Mercedes Benz vehicles for high performance and also make customization on its vehicles based on customer’s demands. Today the company has grown and established itself and operates in different countries, through 42 dealerships. Presently the company is in USA, Europe, Japan, China, Russia and some of Middle East Countries. With the outburst of demand and sales in India for luxury cars in India, Lorinser has also entered the Indian market through their dealer in Mumbai – M/s Automania. Lorinser offers aerodynamic products, exhaust system, light alloy wheels, engine performance tuning and customization of interiors. With their products, they have been beautifying and elevating the looks and features of the cars of luxury automobile manufacturer, Mercedes Benz.

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