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Isuzu D-Max Diesel Single CAB
Isuzu D-Max
304 views this week
₹ 6,01,000 - ₹ 7,13,000
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Isuzu MU-7 (P)
Isuzu MU-7
69 views this week
₹ 21,60,000 - ₹ 24,10,000
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Isuzu Croswind (P)
Isuzu Crosswind
79 views this week
₹ 8,50,000
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Isuzu MU-X (P)
Isuzu MU-X
102 views this week
₹ 22,49,000 - ₹ 24,49,000
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ISUZU Motors Ltd is a Japanese car, commercial, bus and heavy truck manufacturer. It became the World’s largest producer of medium to heavy truck in commercial vehicles. It also manufactures passenger cars like sedans and SUVS. ISUZU commercial vehicles are most sought after for their performance, economy, durability and long life. Their frames are built in such a way that it can accommodate body for variety of applications. ISUZU also manufacture industrial diesel engines. Their diesel engine is fitted into off highway vehicles of number of manufacturers. ISUZU was also offering sedans and SUVs. But due to plummeting sales in some of their other division, they have discontinued the models to concentrate on their core area – trucks and diesel engines. In India, they have good business for their buses, which they build in collaboration with Swaraj Mazda after Mazda withdrew from the partnership. It is currently planning to build and sell trucks and couple of bus models in India, considering the booming Indian market.