Which is better - Mahindra Xylo or Chevrolet Tavera?

Updated On: 26 Oct, 2012 | 2518 views

When comparing these two vehicles, one thing is that Mahindra Xylo has a very competitive price over Chevrolet Tavera. On the other hand, Chevrolet Tavera is a multi-purpose vehicle which many opt going for. In term of looks and design, Mahindra Xylo is gorgeous and stylish, has a peripheral that is appealing to the eyes, has smartly fitted bumpers which are nicely colored, and finally has a nicely built body with a perfect finish. On the other hand, Chevrolet Tavera has a lovely and stylish look, nice fitted bumpers with perfectly fitted fog lamps and smartly designed air dam.

In term of features and interior design Mahindra Xylo has a 2DID MP3, a CD player which is fitted with good and quality modern speakers.  Has a USB, is Bluetooth enabled and to cover it all has the best spacious interior. Actually Chevrolet Tavera lacks most of these features but to mention but a few is that it has good air conditioning inside, 4 perfect stereo speakers and 2 tweeters, has airbags and lockable doors for safety matters.  Actually there is a lot to distinguish between these two cars in term of performances, power, and torque, fuel consumption, and smoothness, suspension in term of handling, comfort and rides and finally and most importantly the value of money you get as a buyer. Therefore, it is your sole responsibility to choose which best fits you in term of taste and preferences.