BMW Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Tell me the Engine Specifications of BMW i3?
BMW i3 comes fitted with an intelligent engine which makes the car extremely agile.

Tell me Engine Specifications of BMW 3 Series?
BMW 3 Series has all in all 4 variants, powered with two different engines, two with petrol and two with diesel.

What are the Dimensions of BMW 7 Series?
The overall length of the sedan 5219 mm, that's pretty long and the wheelbase measures to 3210 mm. It's 1481 mm high and the overall width is 1902 mm.

What is the Power Output of BMW 7 Series?
Besides its impeccable interiors and eye-catching exteriors, BMW 7 Series is also known for its performance on the road.

What are Safety Features in BMW 7 Series?
The luxurious sedan, BMW 7 Series comes loaded with the topmost safety features.

What Safety Features are there in BMW 3 Series?
No need to tell, but the BMW 3 Series has all the safety features that you'll require for a safe journey.