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The Morello Yamasaki is currently holding three models in India. Some of the popular bikes are Doodle, Punk and Ripple. It gives you a comfortable ride. The pleasure from these bikes is got from the interesting features with which it has been developed. You have the multi-information meter at the center which helps you to see all the information like the battery level, speed, lights and other things at one place.

Moreover, the electro-dynamic brakes keep the bike free from any type of technical pressure. The three way braking system enhances the life of the brake parts, battery and cables. The coming-home lights remains on for about twenty minutes, to show you the way to your house door even after you have parked the vehicle. It comes with a three year warranty on the motor and controller, and a one year warranty on the battery. All the bikes offer a mileage of 75 kilometers for 1 unit of electricity.