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 The Kanda Automobiles brings you the new age bike. Without even spending much from your pocket, you can enjoy the fun of riding this bike. So, get ready to ride. This is a trusted company for auto parts for the past twenty five years. It has got this name especially for its metal pressings and production of auto parts. It manufacturers parts for light and heavy vehicle like bumpers, fuel tanks, radiator and guard panels. The Kanda Auto Pvt. Ltd brings us the new age bike named the Mission Kanda, a name that is respected by all in the automobile industry.

The company under its professional guidance strives hard to achieve continuous improvement in the production, personal development and statutory requirements. The company’s efforts in doing so, was highly appreciated by Mahindra and Telco. Telco has out complete faith and trust in the quality of the Kanda pressings. So at Kanda, nothing is impossible