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In recent time, the lesser-known brands in the world have also come up with their own concept cars. Ssangyong, the South Korean automaker has officially introduced its new crossover concept car to the public in the Frankfurt Motors Show. This car is named the Concept XIV-1. The Concept XIV-1 was derived from the phrase “"eXcitinguser Interface Vehicle." This which was brought to the biggest auto show was shown to the world to publicize it new design language.

This new technology introduced by Ssangyong will be used in the future models that it will be manufacturing. Not much is being said about the concept’s future except the fact that it will be used as a concept peg for the future models made by the company. This concept combines the characteristics of the SUV design. This one includes excessive use of glass, and the curved bodywork adds to its imposing look. There is so much to know about this concept version, but I do not know how far it is going to go.

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