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Piaggio NT3

Piaggio NT3
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The Piaggio, the great Italian car maker and the maker of Vespa, is all set to become the first company to release the hybrid drive scooter. Also, it has been announced by the company that it will be developing hybrid versions of its Piaggio X8, Vespa MP3 and Vespa models. The new hybrid scooter can operate under full electric mode. Whenever the rider wants to accelerate, the electric motor gives the punch by providing 85 percent extra performances. This Piaggio’s new hybrid system has the electric motor and the combustion engine in one gearbox casing. These two are electronically and mechanically linked, and ultimately supplies power to the rear wheel. This system basically uses the in-built electronic management and the drive-in-wire concept, which in turn gives you significant acceleration and reduction in fuel consumption. This new invention of Piaggio is going to be a big hit in the market, and every rider is going to enjoy riding this vehicle.

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