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Mazda Mazda2

Rs. 7,00,000 - Rs. 7,00,000
Expected Mid 2015
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Mazda Mazda3

Rs. 15,00,000 - Rs. 15,00,000
Expected Mid 2015
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Mazda Mazda6

Rs. 20,00,000 - Rs. 20,00,000
Expected Mid 2015
Company Details


  • Founded: 1920
  • Country: Japan
  • Owner: Ford
  • Headquarters: Hiroshima, Japan

Mazda is a Japanese automobile manufacturer located at Fuchu. This company produced about 1.3 million vehicles in 2007 for global sales. The majority of these vehicles were produced in the Japanese plants, and the reminder came from the other plants located around the globe. Mazda is now selling trucks and cars in more than 120 countries. This company which entered the American market in the year 1970 is right now making huge profit by selling its vehicles in the US market.

Mazda is the only company to offer rotary engine vehicles until today. Furthermore, the small and the mid-sized passenger cars that had been produced by Mazda is been a big inspiration to the sports cars across the globe. While choosing your new Mazda car, go through the spec, incentives, auto rebates, safety ratings and photos on the catalog. Further down your search to get the best out of the wide range of new models introduced by the company.