Which one is better - Honda City or Renault Scala?

Updated On: 19 Sep, 2013 | 819 views

There is a lot to talk about these two models bearing in mind their competitive qualities in term of features and performances. When you compare the two externally, Renault Scala is big and has a touch of stylishness. When it comes to Honda City, it has an umber calm appearances, it is somehow sporty, sharp, a bit modernized and has an excellent road manifestation or presence. In term of interior comparisons, Renault Scala has leather padding, automatic temperature regulator, back arm rests which have some cup pouches, has double airbags, antilock speed limit system, fog lamps and many more features.

In case of Honda City, it has interior features that set greater environs inside it. Actually, it has seats with better fabrics in term of quality, has blue meter graphics, and has a centralized console that has a chrome garnish, has silver coatings all around its door trims, latest audio system and many more stylish features. In term of performance and handling especially when driving, Honda City is much more competitive than Renault Scala. Actually, after going through all these comparison, it becomes more difficult to choose the best because both offer distinct characteristics over the other.