Which is better - Toyota Innova or Nissan Evalia?

Updated On: 26 Oct, 2012 | 1246 views

In order to find out how the new Nissan Evalia is actually competing with the already established Toyota Innova, you need to find out here in this short article. Nissan Evalia offers the perfect MPV taste, enough space, and it is always easy to drive. Has better performance when compared to Innova although it has a smaller engine.  Its prices range between Rs 8.49lakh to about 9.00lakh which make it more affordable to many people.

Though this quality, Evalia has very irritating rear windows which are very small. It is also not always perfectly equipped thus failing to have complete van-like plan. On the other hand, Toyota Innova has a nice look in term of design and a superior image. Actually when handling Evalia, it always feels great and impressive for a diesel MPV. This MPV cost much more than the Evalia though it performs better.  Therefore, after getting all these distinctions, it is you then to make your perfect choice between the two.